Why The Human Singularity is Nearer

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It’s an over-simplification to see the Internet as a global communications network combined with a storehouse of information containing all of human knowledge. The Internet is more than just the library and telephone of the world; it’s the mirror.

When we browse the Internet we’re not just cruising down a cyber highway across crowded city streets and small deserted towns. We’re not just seeing the facades and masks that we wear; we’re seeing what’s hidden underneath as well. The Internet is more than just a virtual reflection of the world outside. It’s a mirror of our world inside, an objectification, rendering and projection of the global psyche in all of its kaleidoscopic horror and beauty. One that points to perhaps the most paradoxical element of the net itself – its simultaneous transparency and opacity, its visibility and anonymity, the fact that it is the only place on Earth where we can expose ourselves so completely without ever truly being seen. This is what has driven the Internet to evolve into what it is today – a global confessional, a worldwide vomitorium where humanity can indulge in all that has been previously repressed. And by god are we indulging. We’re indulging to such an extent that we’re gagging. And on what? Ourselves.

But what does this mean? What is the significance of this on a grander scale? What is this colossal movement toward unbridled, indiscriminate self-expression actually pointing to? Because underneath the motivations of any one individual, or the trends of thousands and millions, is the underlying impulse of the net itself. One that is grounded in a single fundamental quality: the desire to be seen, to make known, to make conscious that which was previously unseen, unknown, and unconscious … and at an exponential rate.

More than anything else, the Internet is revealing to us everything that we have previously repressed. More than just revealing it, it’s shoving it in our faces – in our children’s faces. It’s literally piercing its way through every illuminated screen on every device that it can find, like an invisible dimension of reality that has finally broken through so it can blast us with a level of revelation that befits biblical prophecy.

And yet, when we turn and face it, nothing that we see is anything other than a reflection of our own collective consciousness propagating itself through a technological birth canal. The Internet is a full-frontal, centerfold spread of the collective human soul laid bare.