Heal and Grow Your Relationships

Lion couple by Nick Brandt


The 75 Year Harvard study on happiness has been completed, and the results are clear. Healthy, loving relationships, more than anything else, are what make us happy.

In this process I support you to remove the barriers and grow your internal resources that will support you to develop and sustain deep, and loving relationships. We do this by working to heal your attachment style, developing your ability to deal with conflict gracefully, and illuminate any family dynamics or unconscious traumas that may be negatively influencing you. At some point I may even suggest that we have an argument. And if this surprises you, allow me to explain.

Even the best, most loving and long lasting relationships experience conflict. And until you’re able to enter an argument or difference of opinion with someone in a way that is conscious and considerate, it will be very difficult for you to ever establish deep trust with another. On the contrary, every time a problem emerges you will run the risk of alienating the people you care about the most.

When I support you to consciously enter into conflict with me it can be an exhilarating process. Because we do so in a safe, secure and even playful environment. In time you will learn how to “dance” with your own conflict style in a way that offers you one of the most important tools for maintaining long term, healthy relationships.

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